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Rocket Ridge, Arizona


Stop by and have a blast!
A fictional small town located in Arizona. Population 1500 [1] and 100 miles east of Flagstaff.[2]. Described as Arizona's version of Roswell but with rockets instead of UFOs.

Sheriff Department

Sherriff Department.png

The Rocket Ridge Sheriff Department, where Logan is based. Dawn, Dewey, Luca, and Russ work here as well. Logan's office is ornamented with a mix of Japanese and Western art, bonsai, and katanas.

Eddie's Garage and Gas

Eddie's Garage and Gas.png

A small gas station where Dawn often gets her coffee. Neil works at the register.

Trail Dust Estates Trailer Park

Trail Dust Estates Trailer Park.png

A small residence located in Rocket Ridge. Dawn arrests Randy the owner and one of the residents, Ezra, here. A small playground is located here as well.

The Liftoff

The Liftoff Department.png

A local bar where Logan's 40th birthday is celebrated. Judy works there. [3] The bar sells some merch, as Russ can be seem wearing a Liftoff t-shirt.

Rocket Ridge Museum and Historical Center

Rocket Ridge Museum and Historical Center.png

Where the airstrip runway is located. Fink meets Panda here. [4]

Rocket Ridge Highschool

Football Stadium

Their football team is known as the Rocket Ridge Rangers. Upon Fink's arrival, they play against the Chinle Wildcats. [5] Emma is the school's counselor and Jim Castillo is the school's gym teacher.

Stellar Inn

Stellar Inn.png

A rocket/outer space themed inn where Fink is staying. The wi-fi network is mothership and the password is visitor. The owner is named Betty. [6]

King's Cafe

King's Cafe.png

A diner owned by King. Dawn gets breakfast here in Chapter 4. [7]

The Smoke N' Gun

Smoke N Gun.png

Gun shop owned by Gary. Dewey comes here to refill on cigarettes.

Terrence Logan's Residence

Terrence Logan Residence.png

Logan's home. It is decorated with Japanese items on the inside.

Otto Bell's Residence

Otto Bell Residence.png

Otto's residence. A garage is located in the back.

Location of the D.B.

Located 10 miles north of Rocket Ridge. [8]


Moon Base.png

An abandoned military building. The location became a local legend. Witches supposedly meet here to practice black magic and if someone's name is written on the wall, the witch's curses them by the next full moon. [9]

Navajo Reservation

Molly Begay's Residence

Molly Begay.png

A small house where Nathaniel, Molly, and Grandma Bee live.

Ganado Fall Festival

Ganado Fall Festival.png

Nathan's family comes to the festival to sell their rugs. [10]

Sage Memorial

Sage Memorial.png

The hospital where Molly and Nathan's Grandma are admitted. Dr. Lorie Goodheart works there.[11]

Sacred Star Ranch

Sacred Star Ranch.png

A resort targeting rich tourists, offering an "authentic Native American experience, complete with spiritual healing classes, sweat lodges, and vision quests."[12]


Pinon Bashas'.png

A supermarket called Bashas' Dinē Markets is located in Pinon.

Flagstaff, Arizona

A city located in the high country mountains of northern Arizona.

Denver, Colorado

Denver Date

Denver Date.png

A speed dating/networking place for single people to find a potential date. Men will move to the next table every 5 minutes to meet new people. Fink meets Brooke here at table 7.[13] He also meets a Dorothy, Karen, Claudia, and Katelin, though he seems more interested in sketching birds.

FBI Colorado Field Office

FBI Colorado Field Office.png

Fink and his coworker Robbins are based here.[14]

Centennial Airport, Denver

Centennial Airport.png

The airport Fink takes to get to Rocket Ridge. His acquaintance, Harold, flies him out.[15]

Whittier, Alaska

Population ~300. One of Fink's first assignments was located here.

Panda Palace

A fictional Chinese food chain restaurant, possibly based off of Panda Express.